Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 167 of Project 365+1 June 15, 2012

Emily's last day of Grade 8.

Day 166 of Project 365+1 June 14, 2012

Met up with my friend Whitney today for a visit and Thai dinner at her place. Bailey joined us too :)

Day 165 of Project 365+1 June 13, 2012

Hubby made a yummy BBQ for dinner tonight. Grilled veggies and chicken.

Day 164 of Project 365+1 June 12, 2012

I needed to make a Starbucks run before the day even got started at work today.

Day 163 of Project 365+1 June 11, 2012

Some might think I'm crazy but I decided to take on the role of Team Manager for my daughter's soccer team. It's been a bit overwhelming to start but I'm starting to find my groove. Loving TeamSnap! I spent the evening setting up our team.

Day 162 of Project 365+1 June 10, 2012

We decided to take a drive to Harrison for the day today. The weather was lovely and we visited lots of little antique shops along the way.

Day 161 of Project 365+1 June 9, 2012

Emily checking out our Project 365 album. I'm loving that I'm totally up to date!

Day 160 of Project 365+1 June 8, 2012

I met my friend Georgia for a few drinks and a lovely dinner at the Oakwood after work today. Their three beet salad was to die for! We're planning another Elementary School Reunion for the summer.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 159 of Project 365+1 June 7, 2012

I went for a lovely one hour massaage after work today. This was the balcony just off the therapy room. I think I want one or maybe two of these stone Buddhas for my balcony.

Day 158 of Project 365+1 June 6, 2012

Emily studying for Finals.

Day 157 of Project 365+1 June 5, 2012

I signed Emily up for her Entry Level Soccer Referee course tonight. She's really excited! Lots of pre-course studying ahead this summer!

Day 156 of Project 365+1 June 4, 2012

Emily wanted to make waffles tonight so her and dad cooked up a feast!

Day 155 of Project 365+1 June 3, 2012

We had another fun overnighter at Sue's this weekend. I love these girls!

Day 154 of Project 365+1 June 2, 2012

Love, Love, LOVE my new cup that my dear friend Sue gave me this weekend! Thanks so much honey!